‘Mortgage banks need to do self-enlightenment and education to grow the industry’

The crippling impact of the economic recession in Nigeria is weighing on virtually every sector of the economy including the mortgage sub-sector where liquidity issues arising from poor capital base and lack of long term funds have combined with non-performing loans to pile pressure on operators. In... [More]

Aviation College Acquires 20 New Aircraft To Replace Obsolete Trainer Jets

The Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT), Zaria,on Monday said the college is acquiring a total of of 20 new aircraft, five multi-engine DA42 and 15 single-engine DA40 trainers to phase out obsolete trainer aircraft. Speaking on the occasion of  NCAT taking delivery of one aircraft called ... [More]

Cash-strapped real estate sector hit by poor skills, policy flip-flops

The real estate sector of the Nigerian economy is badly hit by poor skills, absence of reliable funding and appropriate policy on land acquisition, according to experts. “The major problems we face are land acquisition, finance, documentation, skills and government bureaucracy,” Olumide Osunsina, ch... [More]

More Commendations Trail FG’s Timely Completion Of Abuja Airport

The Federal Government has continued to receive accolades, following the successful completion of the repairs on the Abuja airport runway. British Airways and most experts in the nation’s aviation industry have commended the Nigerian government on the timely completion of the repairs on the Abuja ai... [More]

Fresh boost for construction industry as Eliel Group introduces new technology

The building and construction industry in Nigeria recently received a fresh boost as Eliel Jerahmeal Nigeria Limited and Weibo Elevator Company, determined to encourage competition and promote quality standards in the industry, especially in the real estate sector, went into partnership to provide t... [More]

What makes a good facilities manager

There are certain skills and strengths that are most in-demand in the modern FM marketplace. The attitude and aptitude that a good facilities manager requires to take on each day’s challenges are the points to be highlighted. Numerical Know-How Most facilities managers aren’t economists or mathemati... [More]

‘Leveraging indemnity insurance could hedge property professionals against risks’

Property professionals, like others in other fields of human activities, are exposed to risks which are, in some cases, unavoidable and fall out of their activities or operations. These risks which experts define as “possibilities of losses or injuries” come through their internal, strategic or exte... [More]

New survey fee: ‘300% increase is disincentive to housing delivery’

The recent increase in survey fee by the Nigerian Institution of Surveyors (NIS), Lagos State chapter, has been described as a disincentive to housing delivery in the state which needs all the houses that could be produced, especially by private developers, to reduce its staggering housing deficit. ... [More]

Female investors in UK using property lettings to augment income, research finds

A new research has found out that two in five landlords in the UK, representing 40 percent of landlords,  are women. The research says these female landlords are using property lettings as a means to topping up their monthly income from other sources. In Nigeria, the number of women that are taking ... [More]

Govt’s intervention, self-education critical for mortgage sector growth

Like every other sector of the Nigerian economy, the mortgage sector is having a fair share of challenges. Besides low capital base which typifies an average mortgage institution in the country, the sector also contends with poor perception, lack of faith in its operations, and macro-economic proble... [More]