Stories by Nkasiobi Oluikpe,


Parking nuisance in most metropolis in Nigeria, especially Lagos, for some time, appears to be beyond the authorities.

Shopping malls, event centres, offices with limited parking spaces are all culpable. INL once published the names of some of the organizations, in Lagos, whose guests, visitors and employees are left with no choice but to double park or take over an arm of the roads, thereby making life miserable for other road users. It is worthy to note that appointments have been missed to traffic congestion, time wasted, fuel and gas burnt to no end to gridlock caused by indiscriminate parking, which common-sensically, would have been avoided.

However, some people are not taking it lying low. Zenith Bank last year undertook to construct a 5 floor multi-storey car park on 3 – 9 Molade Okoya Thomas Street, Victoria Island, just behind its headquarters at Ajose Adeogun.

The edifice is set to provide sufficient parking space for employees of Zenith Bank nearby, who are presently said to be using street curbs, unused land and insufficient inbuilt parking.

The construction, which began in October 2014, has a duration period of 18 months, that is, approximately expected to be completed in March, 2016. The built up area is 18,000 square meter.

EL-ALAN Construction Company (Nigeria) Limited, construction and civil engineers, who have in the past three decades embarked on delivering high quality integrated construction solutions in Nigeria, are the contractors in charge of the project. While Adeniyi Coker Consultants Limited (ACCL), a multi-disciplinary practice organization with over 30 architects and engineers based in Lagos are in charge of the architectural design. The principal directors of ACCL have experiences which span across six decades both in the United Kingdom, United States and Nigeria.

And even though the total number of parking bays are yet to be specified by the contractors, one is not left in doubt as to why the project must be a success story.

There is no doubt this is a huge relief from the nuisance that has become the lot of the major roads in Lagos. Nigerians can only hope and pray that several other public spirited individuals would key into the concept so as to bring sanity into the parking mentality of Nigerians.

Source : Independent